Test your knowledge by entering the Etapes du cognac competition.

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- Bottles of cognac and pineau.

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Cognac and the vine
1 / What is the name of the disease that destroyed many of the vineyards in Cognac in the late 19th century?
  Phylloxera Oidium Mildew  
2 / The Cognac region has been granted AOC status and is divided into several “crus”. How many?
  10 7 3  
Cognac and the river
1 / What towns mark the start and end of the Cognac and River Trail?
  Cognac-Bordeaux Saintes-Angoulême Saintes-Poitiers  
2 / What did the river barges carry along the Charente?
  Fruit and vegetables Pilgrims going to Santiago de Compostela Cognac and salt  
Cognac and stone
1 / What type of soil do the Charente areas have?
  Clay Limestone Granite  
2 / What were the two periods of history that most left a mark on the region?
  Roman and Romanesque Prehistoric and Gothic Prehistoric and Renaissance  
Cognac and traditions
1 / What aperitif from Charente is made from grape must and cognac?
  Pinot Cognac tonic Pineau des Charentes  
2 / What is special about the distillation process used to make cognac?
  Distillation lasts for only one hour Distillation includes a double heating process The still is made of zinc  
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