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Duck Foie Gras en torchon marinaded with Cognac


For 1.2 kg liver

  • 20 gr fine table salt (approximately)
  • 5 gr white pepper
  • 2 glasses Sauternes
  • ½ glass cognac of a reasonable age
  • ½ glass tawny port
  • Select two foie gras of duck, each weighing no more than 500 to 600 gr.

Remove livers from fridge approximately one hour before working with them.
Split them open lengthways and carefully remove the nerves and small veins.
Set them to marinate on a large plate for one hour at room temperature with salt, white pepper, Sauternes wine, tawny port and a good cognac.
Drain liver slightly and form a roll of approximately 6 cm in diameter in greaseproof paper (use 3 sheets, one on top of the other).
Close off the ends of the roll, tying tightly with kitchen string.
Wrap this roll in a clean teatowel, again tying the ends off tightly.
Prepare a light chicken stock (or use water) and heat to 60° C. Remove from heat and place rolled liver in pan.
Remove liver after 20 minutes, leave to cool and place in fridge for at least 24 hours.
Remove teatowel and greaseproof paper and serve liver thinly sliced with salt from the Island of Ré.

Advice from Georges Renault
A very old Pineau des Charentes with its flavours of grilled almonds and honey is the perfect accompaniment to this duck foie gras.

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