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"Les bonnes adresses du Cognac"

A selection of the best addresses in Charente and Charente-Maritime
Winegrowers welcome you to their vineyards and reveal the secrets of cognac production. Five special-interest trails have been designed to suit all tastes and ensure enjoyment for all (Cognac and Vines; Cognac and the River; Cognac and Architecture; Cognac, Architecture and the Estuary; and Cognac and Traditions). The Cognac Trails are run by an association with almost two hundred carefully-selected members either specialising in grape-growing for cognac production or working as hoteliers and restaurateurs. The stopovers highlight winemaking, tourism, gourmet food or heritage and all of them provide an opportunity to meet and chat with local people. From traditional distillery to charming boutique, from family farm to accommodation in a historic house, from spare room to a duchess’s reception room, from local fare to the finest epicurean feast, from craft studio to barge trip, the Cognac Trails offer a wide range of activities covered by the “Etapes du cognac” label.

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