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How does the association work?

Where is the head office?

Maison des Viticulteurs-25, rue Cagouillet-16100 COGNAC-France.

What is the purpose of Les Etapes du Cognac?Further infomation

Les Etapes du Cognac is an association which aims to develop wine-related tourism within the Cognac area of Charente throughout the year.

Special interest trails

How many Cognac Trails are there ?Further information

There are five special interest trails providing an insight into the Cognac area  i.e. Cognac and Vineyards, Cognac and the River, Cognac and Stone, Cognac, Stone and estuary, and Cognac and Traditions.

How are these trails used ?

The five trails are signposted at each crossroads. Visitors can follow any of the trails, in any order. There is no entry or exit point and visitors can choose to complete just one section of a trail if they prefer.

What time of year are the trails open?

The Cognac Trails are open to visitors throughout the year

How long does it take to complete the Cognac Trails?

A day, a weekend, a week or a fortnight. The Cognac Trails are there for your pleasure and enjoyment. Simply adapt your stay to the time at your disposal

The Network

How many members are there?

For 2007-2008, there are 200 members in the Etapes du Cognac network.

What areas of business does the network cover? Further information

The network consists of professionals from the wine industry (distillers and winegrowers selling at the cellar door), service providers (accommodation, restaurants, museums etc.) and companies organising special events, festivals, etc

What are the conditions of membership?

Each professional signs a charter that varies depending on the type of business (vineyard charter, hotel charter, restaurant charter and sightseeing charter) but that, in every case, defines the hospitality and welcome that he or she is committed to providing. Each location is inspected before being accredited to ensure compliance with all the clauses of the charter.

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